28 Week Bumpdate!

Stylish Maternity Outfit
28 Week Bumpdate!

How far along? I am 28 weeks as of this past Monday! That marks the beginning of my THIRD trimester. Things are starting to get really real!

Maternity clothes? Sometimes yes, sometimes no. The thing I wear the most in maternity clothes are maternity pants because to be frank, you can’t really squeeze your belly into those same old skinny jeans anymore. I love the pants that have a full band that come up and cover the entire belly. Keeps everything comfy and keeps the oil I slather on every morning in place for longer!

Total weight gain? I think I am gaining at a somewhat steady pace and nothing too insane which is great. I am trying to walk for 30 or more minutes a day and then do some at home exercises like squats, lunges, and arm workouts every other day.

Appetite/Cravings? Huge appetite and lots of cravings! Ha, nothing too specific in the cravings department though. Other than pretty much every and anything! I have definitely indulged in a lot more ice cream than typical and have found myself wanting to eat some more types of fish and meat. Before getting pregnant I was trying to phase out meat but it has been hard while pregnant, so I just eat what my body wants and needs.

Exercise? Yes, trying to keep this one in check. Most days I don’t have much energy to workout, especially working from 6 am – 3 pm M-F. By the time I get home I am ready to LOUNGE! However, I try to get my walks in and then do squats, lunges, and other workouts I can do while watching the real housewives – ha! Seriously though I usually end up doing my workouts while watching one of my shows.

Baby Movement? I love to feel my little guy move. It makes me SO happy! I can be having the worst day or really upset and then I feel him move and it just makes me smile. Some days he is more active than others – popping and kicking around like a maniac! And other days he is kind of chill and doesn’t start moving until I am at home relaxing. I’ve read if you are busy throughout the day that you can “rock them to sleep” in a way because you are go, go go! My doctor told me this week I should start counting kicks and should feel him move up to 10 kicks (or movements of any kind) within an hour period.

Sleep? Things are getting a little bit harder to sleep but I am convinced my little guy is just prepping me for his arrival and all those sleepless nights! I have this pregnancy pillow which makes laying on your side a little more do-able without fear of rolling onto my back. Lately my hands and feet have been falling asleep in the middle of the night so that isn’t fun but I try to make sure I am not laying directly on my hands or arms.

Missing anything? I would be lying if I said I didn’t miss anything! Clothing wise I miss wearing all of my favorite ripped jeans! Ha, I know that sounds crazy but I have so many pairs of denim I am in love with and some on my radar too (these Lovers + Friends are on the LIST for after I have the baby!). Also, I would love to have some sushi and a glass of red wine – I think I am missing the sushi more than the wine though to be honest!

Milestones? This week is a huge milestone for us as it marks the start of the third trimester. I feel so NOT prepared though and the reality of things are starting to sink in. I need to kick it into high gear these next couple of months and get his room together ASAP!

Best moment this week? I think this week it is all just starting to become more real. I am imagining actually being a mom more and more and it makes me SO happy and SO excited! I just could cry tears of joy when I think about it – corny but true!

Looking forward to? I am just so excited to meet our special little guy and cover him with kisses and shower him with love! Ah! I know there will be ups and downs but I am just excited to start a new chapter of our lives.

Feeling? Excited. Anxious. Scared. Nervous. Thrilled. Etc., etc., etc. Any other first time momma’s out there might be able to relate. I am SO over the moon and excited but at the same time there are worries that come with it. I guess it will all be here before we know it and we will be diving in head first!

Any other expecting mom’s out there? Hope you are all having healthy, happy pregnancies! xx


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Winter Whites

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Who else is SO excited it is Friday?! I have plans to relax at home alll weekend long and I can’t wait! If you can’t tell I am kind of obsessed with OTK boots and little dresses lately! It is honestly one of the most comfortable ways to dress right now! These boots are the Stuart Weitzman ‘lowland’ – definitely pricey but well worth the investment in my opinion. I wore them all fall/winter last season and it is looking like I am going to do the same this year! Here is another similar pair for just $65 – oh, and I love these too!

Also, this dress is Free People and is a non-maternity dress! For reference this is a size small, I probably would have needed and XS if it weren’t for the baby bump as it still felt a little on the big side. I am super short though, so keep that in mind too! I linked the sleeveless version below (and here) and almost like that style even more! Pair it with a leather jacket and you are good to go!

Did you guys notice my new layout? I just switched from Blogger to WordPress so have been in the process of making updates – please hang tight as I get it all together.

Happy Friday!


[shop the look below]



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Trending Now: Velvet

What do you guys think about the resurgence of the velvet trend for this fall/winter season? I feel like every where I look and everything I see is VELVET! Personally, velvet has always been a staple in my closet and something I love to style for fall. It can come off as super luxurious when done right. From runways to street style it is hard to miss the fact that velvet is trending hard right now!
Finding an item that looks expensive but doesn’t break the bank is always what I am looking for when shopping for anything velvet. A lot of the items this season seem to be on the pricier side but I’ve come up with a list of some of my favorites in a variation of price points!  Check out my picks below!
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Off the Shoulder Dress for Fall | Olive + Green

 Hi loves! I am so excited to share this look with you. I know my last post was just based on how much I am in love with blush for fall and then I do a 360 and post something in super fall-like colors. What can I say, hormones! I have recently been obsessed with the combination of olive green + black together. In fact, I even wore this color combo to work today – the obsession is real!
I have been in love with comfortable dresses lately if you can’t tell! And this one from Make Me Chic is the perfect combination of stylish and comfortable – and not to mention it under $22 (say what?!). I still can’t let go of the off the shoulder trend and finally found a great way to transition it to fall. The key is getting the right color (i.e. don’t buy a coral OTS top or dress and expect to get a fall vibe) and pairing it with fall accessories like this amazing suede choker and OTK boots.
 I love that the choker is suede, and of course black + gold (my favorite colors) – it is available exclusively through freepeople.com or in Free People stores.
Shop my dress here + the rest of the look below!
 Dress: Make Me Chic | Boots: Stuart Weitzman (Similar here) | Bag: Proenza Schouler | Choker: Ettika x Free People | Sunglasses: Illesteva (sign up for a FREE month of the endless eyewear program at ditto.com with code ‘BLAMEITONBARNEYS’)


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Trending Now: Blush Tones



Alright, so I know it’s fall and all. I am supposed to be into all the maroon, navy, and olive colors that are being seen everywhere I look. But no. For some reason the trend I am drawn to the most right now is BLUSH. Blush everything! Maybe I am a little late on the bandwagon? I mean, yeah, it is a great color for spring and summer – but something about this shade just has a hold on me right now. That Mansur Gavriel bag above – ugh! Too good. Shop some of my favorite blush moments below!
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Accessorizing for Fall

 It’s that time of year when we start slowly easing into fall. Pumpkin spice everything (+ everywhere!), cute bomber jackets, suede boots, and cooler weather! I am having fun creating new ways to style my 25 week baby bump, but I am not going to lie – sometimes it is really challenging! I am used to throwing on my ripped skinny jeans and a huge chunky knit for fall. Somehow I just don’t see myself squeezing into those same skinny jeans this year 😉 Although I am seriously DYING to get my little paws on this pair by Lovers +Friends. I am considering buying them to have for post baby – they can be like my motivation to get my pre-pregnancy body back asap. Good idea, right?!
Because fitting into all of my normal clothes isn’t something that is going to happen right now, I love dressing up simple outfits with fun accessories. My dress is non-maternity and under $60, such a great deal – it also comes in a deep burgundy color, perfect for fall! Also, as you can see my choker obsession is still going strong! I have been obsessing over this one in my post – anything with onyx and gold and I am game! Oh, and I can’t forget – one of my favorite ways to accessorize now that I am pregnant is with an ORGANIC Spray Tan! Yes, I said ORGANIC. I am super careful about what I put on my body now that I am pregnant and love that I can get a glow and keep it organic at the same time. For my local babes – Blush Tan in La Jolla offers this service and I have seriously been obsessed. It is the perfect way to make me feel just a little bit better on those days I am feeling especially pasty (if ya know what I mean?!). Check ‘em out and give them code ‘BLAMEITONBARNEYS20’ to get 20% off your spray tan – you won’t regret it! Hope you are all getting through the week okay, only 2 more
days till the weekend!
Dress: Nordstrom | Shoes: Pour La Victoire | Sunglasses: Illesteva | Bomber Jacket: Azalea | Bag: Proenza Schouler | Watch: Larsson & Jennings | Choker: Taylor Kenney

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Beauty Favorites | Mr. B’s Necessities



Some of my favorite beauty products right now are ones that
are made of all natural ingredients. I know I have done posts on it previously, but the more I use
products made of ingredients I can actually pronounce the more excited I get.
Especially when they actually work! I recently found out about a local brand
called Mr. B’s Necessities based out of Oceanside, CA – a husband and
wife team who create products made of all natural ingredients. Doesn’t get much
better than that!
I’ve been using a few of their products over the past few
weeks and am hooked. Read about my current favorites below:
Facial Mist & Toner
– I’ve found it especially important to take care
of my skin now that I am pregnant. With all of the hormonal changes it is hard
to figure out what works and what doesn’t. I use this each day after I wash my
face and before I moisturize. It feels super refreshing, smells great, and
tones my skin. Sometimes I even spray it on my face throughout the day as a
little hydration pick-me-up!
Natural Deodorant
– Ah, the great debate of all natural deodorants. Some
love ‘em, some hate ‘em. I used to be on the fence and more of the hate ‘em
type of person. A little TMI but I feel like I sweat, a lot! I have always
loaded on my Secret or Degree as to stop the sweat from coming. As I have
gotten older I have started to realize our bodies are made to sweat and if you
are constantly plugging up the pores that are made to rid our bodies of toxins
then we are just causing a whole slew of other problems. I’ve used it all from
straight baking soda to the crystal deodorant and am usually a little skeptical
on how they will work. I have found I really love this one! Yes, you still are
going to sweat more than you would if you are layering on the Secret, but you
don’t smell and you really don’t sweat all that much after you let your body
adjust naturally. Also, just a heads up
– this deodorant is hard so you have to wet the top a bit prior to
Tea Tree Charcoal Soap
– I feel like someone was holding out on us with the
use of charcoal in beauty products for the past decade or so! Recently I have
seen it used in so many skincare products and that is because it works wonders!
Charcoal helps detoxify the skin by bringing all that gunk underneath up to the
surface. Also, if you aren’t familiar with Tea Tree oil you should makes
friends, fast! Tea tree oil has antimicrobial, antibacterial, and antifungal
properties – so in short, it helps with acne and breakouts. I love that this
soap contains some of my favorite ingredients including Lavender which gives it
such a good smell and soothing properties!
Check them out online at MrBsNecessities.com or check their list
of stockists
to see if they are in store near you!
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A Saturday Well Spent

I woke up today feeling motivated which is why I love the weekends. It gives me time to wind down from a busy work week and focus on things in my life that I really love spending time on. I spent time this morning baking muffins – omg so domesticated. But I am LITERALLY obsessed with these dark chocolate cherry muffins! Cherries are out of season so today I switched it up – fingers crossed they turn out good.
My new thing lately while doing tasks such as baking, driving, getting ready, etc. is to listen to podcasts. I have become addicted! I have to have a good podcast if I am going to be in the car for more than 30 minutes. It is a great way to gain knowledge while otherwise doing something you do on a daily basis. Today I listened to the most recent episode of Girlboss Radio with Sophia Amoruso from Nasty Gal. Each week she interviews a badass girl in business and it never fails to motivate me!
Anyhow, hope you are all enjoying your weekend. I wanted to share this post with you before too long. I bought this double-buckle belt recently and love that I can wear it over top of my bump now and at my true waist in the future. I got a size small and it fits great – for now 😉


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Fall’s Most Wanted | Black Boots


Fall is finally almost upon us and one of fall’s most
wanted staples this year (and every year really, right?!) is a great pair of
little black booties. For me, I look for something that won’t break the bank –
especially these days with a little babe on the way. And something that will be
versatile. I want to know if I can wear these booties with black skinny jeans,
cut off shorts, little dresses, blue jeans, and more? If the answer is yes
I know I am on the right track. Another thing I personally look for is comfort.
I tend to go for more of a Chelsea Boot which usually is designed with a lower
heel so that I can wear them all day long and multiple days in a row without
having to bandage up my feet afterwards. I’ve done the leg work and narrowed
down the best options in stores right now. Click below to shop!
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Pink Blush Giveaway

 Happy Monday! This week is kind of a fresh start for me. As some of you may know I work a 9-5 job during the week and am starting a new
team with new hours – working 6am – 3pm! Eeek! Yes, it is going to take just a little getting used to, but I figure with our upcoming new addition it will be nice to be able to get off work early to go home and spend time with him.
In more exciting news I have partnered with Pink BlushMaternity to give one of my lucky readers a $75 gift card for their online shop! They have THE cutest maternity clothes, I am seriously obsessed. I received this dress about a week and a half ago and have already worn it more times than I would like to admit! And, even better – they are actually affordable. I don’t mind spending a little bit more money on something that is quality but sometimes the prices of maternity clothes really surprise me. I mean, if you are only planning on wearing it for a few months it is hard to justify spending LOADS of cash on one item!
See rules on HOW TO ENTER below!
Dress: Pink Blush | Shoes: Pour La Victoire | Hat: Banana Republic – Similar here | Sunglasses: Ray-Ban | Earrings: Taylor Kenney | Pearl Necklace: Love Tatum | Watch: Larsson & Jennings | Clasp Necklace: Are You Am I



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I will be choosing the winner NEXT Monday September 5th
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