A Little Feminine // A Little Edgy

I am usually not a huge florals person but I absolutely adore this dress. I like the combination of the super feminine fit with the edgy mesh overlay. It kind of makes the dress a little more edgy for those of us who normally wouldn’t wear a full on floral dress!

I often like to combine super feminine and girlie looks with more edgy pieces. A great way to do this is to throw a leather jacket over a cute little blush dress, or pair black booties with a flowy top!

How do you guys like to combine styles in your daily outfits?

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Happy Friday! Not sure about you but this week flew by for me! I have slowly but surely been incorporating fall pieces into my wardrobe lately. This balloon sleeve top is a perfect piece to add to your wardrobe now and wear all fall long! This weekend I am going to pair it with cut off shorts and sandals to help deal with this heat! Keep reading for a few ways to incorporate summer fashion into your fall wardrobe!

Invest in pieces that you can layer. What I mean by this is invest in tops and blouses that are easy enough to layer a jacket over or to add an extra layer of warmth underneath.

Try new pairings. The pants that I am wearing in this look are usually restricted to my fall wardrobe. However, I have been wearing them a lot lately with loose flowy tops for end of summer. I can pair them with a chunky knit come fall! And to be honest we don’t really have too much of a ‘winter’ here in San Diego but I do like to throw on a nice wool coat and boots in our cooler months. Right now you could get more use out of summer skirt or dress by layering a thinner sweater over it for those cool nights.

Switch up your accessories. This is one of the main ways I find myself moving into fall. I start layering on scarves, swap my sandals for booties, or add a hat to my look. Also, the colors of the accessories can do a lot to help transition your look! Try pairing a structured burgundy bag and suede booties with that summer dress instead of sandals and the fringe bag you’ve been rocking this summer.

How do you guys start to transition your clothes for fall weather? Please share below!!

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System Professional | My Energy Code

best hair care products

Have you ever found yourself wishing there was a line of hair care products that was meant specifically for YOUR hair? Wouldn’t that just be the best?! Well the truth is there is a line of products that was built to cater to YOUR individual hair care needs and I had the chance to try it out first hand!

The luxury hair care line System Professional has created something called EnergyCode Mapping that is designed to generate a very specific EnergyCode to re-energize your hair. The EnergyCode correlates with specific products from their line which allows you to get a customized set of products meant to target your specific hair care needs. Just like your fingerprint, no two strands of hair are identical – yours is different than anyone else’s.  It’s unique and has unique needs that allow it to look its absolute best. Some of us might need a deep conditioning treatment while others might need a color saving shampoo. And then, like me, there’s some of us who need both. System Professional Hair Care

If you follow me on Instagram you might remember seeing my recent trip to Bavaria, Germany. While I was there I had the opportunity to spend the day learning all about the science behind EnergyCodes with the System Professional team. We spent the day at the award winning medical spa, Lanserhof, which is an absolutely stunning and tranquil health resort nestled in the Bavarian Alps where System Professional is available. Not only did I get to speak to the scientist who actually spends his days creating these products, but I also had the chance to receive my own EnergyCode.

I don’t know about you but I am not someone who typically gets really excited about the science behind something. However, I find when it comes to beauty products that is an entirely different story! Their products are infused with lipids, histidine, caffeine, and vitamin B3 amide to make your hair looks it’s most beautiful! A lot of those words might not mean a whole lot to you unless of course you spend your spare time researching beauty products. But, to give you an overview of these ingredients, they are meant to help hair stay strong, protect against damage from free radicals, keep hair energized, and keep the moisture balance in check on the scalp to maintain strong + healthy hair growth. You can read more about the science behind each of these ingredients on their site here: https://www.systemprofessional.com/en-US/energycode/science

System Professional Hair CareAfter learning all about the science behind EnergyCodes I then had the opportunity to sit down with one of their hair care professionals for a hair mapping session where I was prescribed my own unique EnergyCode – which represents my own unique set of products. With that I was whisked off to the salon on site where I got to see my EnergyCode in action! My hair was washed, dried, treated, and blown out to reveal an entirely refreshed and re-energized ‘do. After using my specific products on my hair just one time I honestly could feel a difference already. My hair felt extremely soft and bouncy but was not weighed down, which is something that can happen easily with my fine hair! What I love about having a personalized EnergyCode is that I am actually able to pinpoint products that will cater to the specific needs of my hair. Not only that but they also smell amazing and the combination of your unique EnergyCode creates your own unique hair care scent too!

My personalized EnergyCode is: V1 + X1S + C2 + H3 + R5

Poppy Delevingne
Meeting with Poppy + Chloe Delevingne, brand ambassadors for System Professional

You can get your personalized code here: https://www.systemprofessional.com/en-US/energycode/get

For more information on System Professional salons please visit SystemProfessional.com

This post is sponsored by and in collaboration with System Professional. As always all thoughts, opinions, and reviews of the product on my page are my own. 

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Cozy at Home with Capri Blue

Home Decor with Candles on mantel

I think it’s pretty impossible to forget the time when I discovered the ‘Volcano’ scented candle by Capri Blue. It was a few years back I was shopping for some gifts at Anthropologie when I picked up a big blue jar that housed the MOST amazing scented candle ever – the ‘volcano’ candle is what is came to be known in our house. I am sure a lot of you know the scent I am talking about – that citrusy and sugary almost tropical scent. So good. After that I’ve become a huge fan of all the scents by Capri Blue – they are all so unique and I am kinda obsessed with the jars they come in too. I’ve been saving them after I finish up a candle and it becomes the perfect container to store cotton balls or makeup brushes in the bathroom – especially the mercury ones shown in my pictures here. Obsessed! how to decorate your mantel with candles

I love the way the candles from their mercury collection look on my mantel! I am always switching things up with this mantel but it’s so fun to interchange candles based on the season.

Volcano scent lotionCan you imagine my excitement when I realized they make a lotion in the ‘Volcano’ scent?! It’s super silky soft too!

How to decorate with candles

The pop of blue from their watercolor collection looks so pretty against the gold and metal of the mercury collection.

how to decorate with candles

My little reading nook is smelling extra good these days! Here are a few tips for decorating your space with candles:

Compliment your Interior –

Choose candles with jars that compliment your interior. For instance, if you have stark white walls a candle in a black jar would look pretty amazing against that backdrop. If most of the hardware in your house is brass, go for gold toned jars to complement what you already have going on. Alternatively, if most of your hardware is nickel or silver look for jars that have hints of silver in them.

Mix + Match –

Try combining different shapes and sizes of candles in one general area to create an interesting focal point. I used a serving tray I found at Target awhile back and organized my different candles all together on the tray. I used coasters stacked up to bring up the blue candle and to add another interesting element. You can also find a vintage mirrored tray at an antique store that would look so pretty with some candles on it!

Combine different colors with mixed metals to create a pop. I used a couple candles from the mercury collection that have a metal/metallic look and paired it with the blue candle from their watercolor collection to provide a little pop of blue. You could do this the other way around too – try pairing a few of the same shade containers and add one gilded gold candle to really stand out!

Repurpose –

Reuse your candle jars! This is one of the best parts about buying candles in pretty jars – you can reuse them! As I mentioned above one of my favorite things to do is to use these in my bathroom or on my vanity. I like to use the taller ones for makeup brushes and the shorter ones for cotton balls. After scraping out any excess wax just microwave it for 20 seconds and use a paper towel to wipe up any extra wax left behind!

This post is in collaboration with Capri Blue. As always, all thoughts and reviews are my own.

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Get Fall Ready

best items from nordstrom anniversay sale 2017

Every once in a while you come across something that you know you must have in your closet! That is how I felt when I saw this jacket! I remember originally seeing it last fall but then every time I went to order it, it was sold out in my size! Major sad face. Fast forward to this year and it’s a part of the Nordstrom Anniversary sale – annnd they had my size. There was a little hunting involved as I had ordered it for pickup at my local Nordstrom and then after I already ordered it they cancelled my order because they no longer had it in store! Anyhow, long story short…I called and they actually DID have one left in my size and put it on hold for me (even though they aren’t supposed to during the sale!) and I rushed over there, baby in tow, and got myself the jacket. I love the embroidery detail and I’ve found it is the perfect way to jazz up some black skinnies and a t-shirt.

PS – looks like the jacket IS actually back ordered again but due to ship in August so if you order now you will get the sale price AND have it in time for fall. Win win!Nordstrom Anniversary Sale 2017

how to wear a skirt with sneakers

I went the unexpected route and paired this luxe skirt with these Nike Cortez sneakers! I personally love the sneakers with dresses/skirts look but I know it’s not for everyone! But hey even if it isn’t for you at least you can be comfortable for a little while if you want to switch to sneakers in the city and then change back into heels when you reach your destination! how to wear a skirt with sneakers how to wear a skirt with sneakersHope you are all having a fab Monday!


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Menswear Inspired

how to style a shirtdressWhen getting dressed lately I’ve found myself reaching for a shirtdress more days than not. It’s one of those easy-to-style pieces year round and you can totally dress them up or dress them down! For spring or summer I love to pair a chic shirtdress with a cute pair of sneakers while running errands. Or, if you want to dress it up a little more you could add sandals or booties like I did. When fall hits you can have a little bit more fun! I love throwing a leather jacket over a simple shirt dress and then wearing some flat over-the-knee suede boots. Pile on a chunky scarf and you will feel oh so cozy and look chic as ever at the same time. how to style a shirtdresshow to style a shirtdress how to style a shirtdress


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