My Experience With Tape-In Extensions

What my hair looks like after hair extensions
After Getting Tape-In Extensions at Valente Hair & Co in La Jolla California / Picture via @Daryana.Orange

I am that girl who has always had a super cute bob or a fun asymmetrical short pixie cut. Yes – an actual pixie cut. I was younger and a lot more ballsy during my pixie cut days but I still really love when girls can pull that off. I went from platinum blonde to brunette more than a few times and people always told me I looked so ‘cute’ with short hair. And yes, I loved my short ‘do most of the time but I always wanted to know what it felt like to have long flowing locks. So bad that once I went to this wig place next to Hooters in San Diego and literally had them SEW in a weave onto my head. Worst.Decision.Ever. Guys, I am not even kidding when I say I had them remove it right then and there. First of all – my hair is WAY to fine to have a thick weave sewn in, and second of all they didn’t cut my hair to blend into the weave so it was just all kinds of no.

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Last Minute Valentine’s Day Gifts For YOU

 Last minute Valentine’s Day gifts don’t have to be boring. Ladies – sometimes it’s best to forego waiting for our significant other to buy us the perfect gift and to just celebrate ourselves this Valentine’s Day with a well deserved gift (as if you needed an excuse!). OR, if you do have a significant other who wants to get you something but doesn’t know what to get you – they just might need a little hint, ya know?
So if you are celebrating yourself this year click through to shop my favorite v-day picks for YOU. Or send this link to your main squeeze to drop a major hint on what to get you this year. Trust me – this is basically the list of all the things you want and didn’t know you needed!
BEAUTY | Get that glow on girl:

ACCESSORIES | Everything you didn’t know you needed:

FRAGRANCE | Perfume and Candles to make you feel ultra feminine this Valentine’s Day:

HOME + OTHER | Because life’s too short to not eat champagne gummies while curled up in your super soft blanket sipping coffee from the chicest mug. AMIRITE?!

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Casual Outfits For the Win

Casual outfit jeans and sweater

Happy Tuesday guys! I feel a bit like it’s Monday still. Must be the ‘mom brain’ thing. Which speaking of ‘mom brain’ can you guys believe I wore this sweater all day Sunday not realizing it was on backwards?! LOL! When I went to grab the link to share it with you guys I realized it was a ‘scoop back’ sweater – ha. I guess it just makes it that much more versatile. Would be super cute on the right way with a lacey bralette like this one showing in the back. When wearing it backwards though it does slide of the shoulders if you let it (but not annoyingly so) which I thought was kind of cute.

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Distressed Sweater + Motivational Mondays

Distressed sweater

Happy Monday babes! I can’t believe how fast these weeks have been flying by. I am working on some really fun projects for the upcoming months and I am super excited to share them with you! For now, I wanted to share this distressed sweater with you guys – you may have seen me post it on my Instagram but it is one of my favorite sweaters right now. Especially here in California, it was 80 degrees yesterday – so this was the perfect layering piece. For you ladies in cooler weather you could pair it with these spanx faux leather leggings, booties, and a cute beanie! I’ve linked the rest of my outfit details for you below – including this cute bucket bag that is on sale right now!

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Styling the Trench Coat

belted trench coatHappy Monday girls! It’s been a little bit rough getting things going today – anyone else feeling like that? I already downed one glass of cold brew and am getting ready to grab a London Fog. For anyone wondering what that is – it’s basically an Earl Gray tea with steamed milk and lavender and vanilla syrups – so good!

I had a lazy moment the other day (who am I kidding – that’s like every day) and decided to turn this coat into it’s own outfit. This is perfect for those days when you don’t really want to think too much because you can literally wear anything underneath and still look put together. For the record – I had a skirt and cami on underneath but you could be wearing pajamas and it wouldn’t matter haha.

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Winter Gingham

Living in San Diego comes with a lot of perks – one of them is the weather. I can’t lie, sometimes I miss the snow and want to bundle up in chic layers but I am soaking up the good weather while I can. This past weekend we had a little bit of some warmer than usual weather which was so nice! I decided to wear this cute gingham dress with some metallic booties and a moto jacket to give it more of a ‘fall’ feel.

I can totally see this dress with some cute sandals, a sun hat, and a straw bag for summer too! The perfect transition piece. And for you girls in areas where you can’t get away with a dress in January – you could always pair it with some thick tights and over the knee boots!

Anyhow, I am really trying to get back into the swing of things here and get back to posting on my blog more regularly. I am going to shoot for at least Monday, Wednesday, Friday – that way there is some consistency. It’s been so hard getting back to my schedule after the holidays. Anyone else feel like that?! If you have motivational tips please share below!

Also keep scrolling down to shop some of my favorite gingham dresses right now!

Shop my dress here, jacket here, boots here


Shop my favorite gingham dresses below – all $100!

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