Black for Spring?

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Guys, I would do a spring look in black. Anyone else love wearing black all year ’round? I do find myself gravitating towards more blush and light camel tones for spring but I always go back to black – you just can’t go wrong. I love that this dress from NA-KD Fashion [get 20% off their site with code ‘blameit20] has the crochet detailing which makes it totally spring appropriate. FullSizeRender-22 copy 2FullSizeRender-22 copy 3 FullSizeRender-22 copy 4 FullSizeRender-22 copy 6 FullSizeRender-22 copy

I also decided to try it without the belt – which I almost like more. At first I thought it would look to baggy and not have enough shape but now looking back at the photos I really love the simplicity it lends.


Dress: [GET 20% off your order with code ‘blameit20’ with FREE international shipping]

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Black + Blue

Blue Suede Moto Jacket

I can’t believe it is already Thursday! What the what?! My due date is in a week and a few days now and I feel like he could come anytime now – well that is actually what the Dr. said 🙂

Lately I have been trying to keep things comfortable and these flat booties have been really helping. I love that they still make my outfits feel edgy and stylish but also allow me to be able to walk around comfortably! They are also on sale, so that is bonus for you! Unfortunately I bought them a few months ago before they want on sale, but I still love them nonetheless!

I thought this jacket was a fun layering item on an all black look. I love that is a suede jacket but almost looks like it could be a denim moto jacket in these photos.

Also, I have been wearing these leather like leggings for the last few months of my pregnancy. I love layering big chunky knits over top or even OTK boots and a dress.


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Beauty Favorites | Mr. B’s Necessities


Some of my favorite beauty products right now are ones that
are made of all natural ingredients. I know I have done posts on it previously, but the more I use
products made of ingredients I can actually pronounce the more excited I get.
Especially when they actually work! I recently found out about a local brand
called Mr. B’s Necessities based out of Oceanside, CA – a husband and
wife team who create products made of all natural ingredients. Doesn’t get much
better than that!
I’ve been using a few of their products over the past few
weeks and am hooked. Read about my current favorites below:
Facial Mist & Toner
– I’ve found it especially important to take care
of my skin now that I am pregnant. With all of the hormonal changes it is hard
to figure out what works and what doesn’t. I use this each day after I wash my
face and before I moisturize. It feels super refreshing, smells great, and
tones my skin. Sometimes I even spray it on my face throughout the day as a
little hydration pick-me-up!
Natural Deodorant
– Ah, the great debate of all natural deodorants. Some
love ‘em, some hate ‘em. I used to be on the fence and more of the hate ‘em
type of person. A little TMI but I feel like I sweat, a lot! I have always
loaded on my Secret or Degree as to stop the sweat from coming. As I have
gotten older I have started to realize our bodies are made to sweat and if you
are constantly plugging up the pores that are made to rid our bodies of toxins
then we are just causing a whole slew of other problems. I’ve used it all from
straight baking soda to the crystal deodorant and am usually a little skeptical
on how they will work. I have found I really love this one! Yes, you still are
going to sweat more than you would if you are layering on the Secret, but you
don’t smell and you really don’t sweat all that much after you let your body
adjust naturally. Also, just a heads up
– this deodorant is hard so you have to wet the top a bit prior to
Tea Tree Charcoal Soap
– I feel like someone was holding out on us with the
use of charcoal in beauty products for the past decade or so! Recently I have
seen it used in so many skincare products and that is because it works wonders!
Charcoal helps detoxify the skin by bringing all that gunk underneath up to the
surface. Also, if you aren’t familiar with Tea Tree oil you should makes
friends, fast! Tea tree oil has antimicrobial, antibacterial, and antifungal
properties – so in short, it helps with acne and breakouts. I love that this
soap contains some of my favorite ingredients including Lavender which gives it
such a good smell and soothing properties!
Check them out online at or check their list
of stockists
to see if they are in store near you!
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Frayed Denim

Frayed Dress from SheIn
Some days you feel a little more disheveled than others – and today, well this week really, has been one of those weeks. I think being pregnant, working full time, keeping up with my blog and my life in general can sometimes get crazy.

I love every minute of it though! I always said I would rather be busy than bored. I am not the type of person who can just sit inside all day and do nothing – although, I have had a few of those days since being pregnant. I love to get out and explore and check out new things whether it be just taking a walk in a new neighborhood or traveling to new places. Speaking of which – my passport FINALLY arrived yesterday! We are off to London next Friday for our ‘babymoon’. Actually, the trip was planned prior to being pregnant but now that is kind of what it is, a time for us to celebrate becoming parents and enjoy a few things together before our third family member (5th if you are counting the dogs) joins us! 
On days when I am feeling a bit busier and crazier than others, the best way to get dressed is just that – to wear a dress. Ha, seriously though. So easy – requires very little effort and coordinating and something so easy breezy about it. I have been kind of living in this one from SheIn and it helps that it is super affordable which makes it that much better! 
[shop the post below] 
Dress: SheIn / Hat: Lack of Color – similar here / Bag: Vintage Chanel / Sunglasses: Celine

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The Lowdown on Skin Care

I am going to tell you something that might shock half of
you and the other half might be able to totally relate. And that is that up
until about a year or two ago I have had maybe one facial in my entire life.
Like I said some can totally
relate and others, well you might be in shock. I had never really felt it was
necessary to get facials on a regular basis or to even go at all really. 
When I
started going to get facials I remember the esthetician telling me that you
were supposed to go on a regular basis, she told me to think about it like
going to the gym. You have to keep up with it. I was still confused. How and
why would people spend $100 + on a facial every 4 weeks?! And then something
happened. I started to see the benefits of going and guess what? Yep – I was
hooked. I just loved the relaxing aspect of it and then of course loved the way
my skin was glowing each time I left. I felt renewed and started to really
enjoy taking care of my skin. To most people my skin might look the exact same as
it has always looked but only you truly know your own skin and I can absolutely
tell the difference. Especially as we start to age. And yes, I am in my 30’s
– sounds so weird to say that still! 
Now that I am pregnant I have become so much more aware of
how toxic so many of my makeup and skincare/beauty products really are. It is actually
insane once you start looking into it. During my research I have actually come
across an ah-mazing website that allows you to search different beauty products
for a score of their toxicity based on different chemicals and products used.
You can check it out here:
. I mean, some products I just can’t let go regardless but I think it is always
best to be educated and as knowledgeable as possible about what we are putting
our skin as it eventually makes its way to our blood stream. 
This is why when I was contacted by Sara Elizabeth Skincare to come in for a customized botanical facial I was more than thrilled.
I have always been a huge fan of using products that feature ingredients as
close to their natural state as possible, i.e. I am no stranger to an avocado
mask, or using tea tree oil as spot treatment. So when I went to Sara Elizabeth
I fell in love with the way she seemed to be almost an artist or a scientist
who knows how to utilize ingredients found in nature to the best of their
abilities. My favorite part of the facial was when she massaged raw Manuka honey
into my skin. Yep, you read that right – honey. Not just any honey though. This
is Manuka honey, a honey that produced in New Zealand by bees who pollinate the
Manuka bush. This particular type of honey is said to have a higher # of
enzymes than your typical honey which make it work like an antibacterial
( Sara Elizabeth shared with me how it is similar to tea tree oil in
that I could use it as a spot treatment or just use it as a mask whenever I am
feeling dry as it is also an amazing humectant (moisturizer). Not to mention,
you can eat the stuff and that comes with a whole slew of its own benefits as well!
Some of my top favorite beauty products right now:
Billion Dollar Brows – Brows on Point WaterproofMicro Brow Pencil – Obsessing over this lately! It goes on so smoothly and
creates such a natural look for the brows. For someone like me who has very
sparse brows but I want to fill them in to look as natural as possible this
type of brow pencil works wonders. I rotate between this and the Anastasia Brow
Wiz however I love that this one is waterproof and a little bit less costly. I
have been using this and applying their powder over it to really fill them in
when I am going out. PS – take 25% off all brow products at Billion Dollar Brows with code ‘BROWOW25’ at checkout
Raw Manuka Honey – Wedderspoon Raw Manuka Honey KFactor 16 – This one doubles as a beauty
essential and a kitchen essential. You really can’t go wrong with this one. I
have been using in at-home face masks, spot treatments, and adding to my
oatmeal every morning. My Dr. said it was safe to use during pregnancy although
it is considered “raw”, however I do suggest speaking with your Dr. first prior
to consuming anything “raw” if you are pregnant or breast feeding. Side note –
this does have a different taste than
traditional honey but once you get used to it you will probably become

My current at-home mask for glowing skin:
 1 teaspoon Mashed Avocado
1 tablespoon Raw Manuka Honey
1 teaspoon of lemon juice
1 teaspoon Organic Whole Milk Yogurt
1/4 cup of uncooked oatmeal
*variation from

Elizabeth Cucumber & Mango Butter Calming Cream – I have been using this as
my go-to moisturizer since my facial with Sara Elizabeth last week. I am slightly
obsessed with all of her products already but this one has quickly become a
favorite. I use it to moisturize in the morning and evenings being sure to
slather it on my neck as well. This one does not leave you feeling greasy like I
have found with some other moisturizers. Just leaves your skin feeling supple
and soft! I love that is has so many natural ingredients such as mango butter,
olive oil, and sunflower seed oil!  
Shop my favorites below:

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Nordstrom Anniversary Sale | Early Access Favorites

All items part of the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale!

Jacket: Topshop / Sunglasses: Illesteva / Bag: Rebecca Minkoff / Jeans: AG Jeans / Shoes: Sam Edelman / Top: Sea
Some of us (eh hem!) have been slightly seriously obsessing over the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale. There is ONE more day to shop early access. This means you still have an opportunity to snag up your favorite pieces before everyone gets access this Friday – and items sell out fast! I used to think this sale was just Nordstrom marking down all of their old items to make way for new season, but I was wrong. They actually are marking down NEW fall items guys – what a way to jump start your fall wardrobe. Also, if you don’t have a Nordstrom card and can’t shop early access I recommend just going through and bookmarking all of your top picks so that on Friday morning you can be sure to get your favs before they sell out! 
For myself I am going to have to focus mainly on shoes, bags, & accessories since my baby bump is going to just be getting bigger this fall but I am sooo jealous because some of my favorite jeans are included in the sale! 
Shop some of my favorites above & below! 

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Wedge Edit | Summer’s Favorite Shoe

In my opinion, nothing takes your outfit to the next level than a great pair of shoes. Right now I am obsessing over wedges for summer, and a lot of these are on SALE – perfect timing for me and you! I realized the other day that I really do not have a lot of “summer” shoes. I have always felt weird about spending a lot of money on sandals when I can buy some studded black boots or heels. But, when it comes down to it, I want to look just as stylish in the summer as I do in the fall & winter. And what better way than with a pair of great wedges?! I love pairing wedges with skinny jeans and a chic top – or even a pair of fun flares! Shop my favorites below!

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l i n e n + l e a t h e r

 Somehow it’s already Wednesday guys! Hump day…already. I love short weeks. Hope you all had an awesome 4th. We spent ours at the beach – can’t keep me away for too long. It was the 50th anniversary of the Ocean Beach pier being built so I felt like that made it just a tad bit more special. I can’t believe summer is about halfway over. How does that even happen? I thought it just started. Eh, anyhow. On another note, I am absolutely in LOVE with this linen top from Aussie brand Eva’s Sunday.

 I know I say this a lot, but I have actually been living in this top since it came in the mail. I am OB-SESSED. haha, I sound like a crazy woman over a shirt, but let me tell you. Being pregnant and in that in-between stage where I don’t really look pregnant but where I sure don’t fit in all of my old clothes the same way I used too makes having a comfortable & chic top an actual lifesaver.
And, I mean, the Vintage Chanel Backpack. Drool-worthy, right?! Ugh, the perfect summer anytime accessory. This one is from Designer Vault – they seriously have the dopest vintage Chanel bags. I linked a few sweet backpacks at all price points below for you too! 
Top: Eva’s Sunday Mao Top / Backpack: Vintage Chanel c/o Designer Vault / Shoes: Vinci Shoes / Jeans: Citizens of Humanity (Maternity) – Similar here & NON-maternity here / Watch: Kapten & Son

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White Bags for Summer

Summer is officially here! I often refer to white as the color of the summer. I know a lot of people prefer to wear pops of actual color like corals or turquoise during the summer, but you just can’t go wrong with white. I LOVE a white bag during the summer months, they seem to go with everything from your LBD to your cut-offs and off the shoulder top. Shop my favorite white bags this summer below! 

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