Spring Trend Report // ‘Seeing Red’

I LOVE a good red accessory! I am weird though (aren’t we all!?) because I RARELY will actually wear red clothing. I can’t even think of a red shirt that I own…they are that scarce in my closet! Not sure why because aren’t blondes supposed to look good in red?! Oh, I do have a cute little jumper from Zara that is red 😉

Anywho… I love red accessories and love that this orange-y red color is one of the major colors I am seeing everywhere this spring! I’ve compiled some of my FAVS out there right now…That JW Anderson bag (OMG!) and those perfect flats are both seriously on my list right now! Click the images above to shop or scroll through below!


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Blue Jean Baby

Embroidered Denim Jacket

Now that the madness of fashion month has subsided all of the trends that we saw on the runway and the streets are starting to filter themselves into our wardrobes. One of the biggest trends I have been seeing pop up over the past few seasons is that of the embroidered denim jacket. So grunge-chic, don’t ya think? I kinda love it. Not everyone is going to be a fan of this style, because let’s be honest – it’s a little loud. I think in the right setting these jackets are so much fun! I am thinking weekends with my chucks, a pleated midi, and a great bag, yeah? I just ordered one I can’t wait to share with you guys but for now check out some of the ones that are on my list below!


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Trending Now: Velvet

What do you guys think about the resurgence of the velvet trend for this fall/winter season? I feel like every where I look and everything I see is VELVET! Personally, velvet has always been a staple in my closet and something I love to style for fall. It can come off as super luxurious when done right. From runways to street style it is hard to miss the fact that velvet is trending hard right now!
Finding an item that looks expensive but doesn’t break the bank is always what I am looking for when shopping for anything velvet. A lot of the items this season seem to be on the pricier side but I’ve come up with a list of some of my favorites in a variation of price points!  Check out my picks below!
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Trending Now: Blush Tones



Alright, so I know it’s fall and all. I am supposed to be into all the maroon, navy, and olive colors that are being seen everywhere I look. But no. For some reason the trend I am drawn to the most right now is BLUSH. Blush everything! Maybe I am a little late on the bandwagon? I mean, yeah, it is a great color for spring and summer – but something about this shade just has a hold on me right now. That Mansur Gavriel bag above – ugh! Too good. Shop some of my favorite blush moments below!
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Fall’s Most Wanted | Black Boots


Fall is finally almost upon us and one of fall’s most
wanted staples this year (and every year really, right?!) is a great pair of
little black booties. For me, I look for something that won’t break the bank –
especially these days with a little babe on the way. And something that will be
versatile. I want to know if I can wear these booties with black skinny jeans,
cut off shorts, little dresses, blue jeans, and more? If the answer is yes
I know I am on the right track. Another thing I personally look for is comfort.
I tend to go for more of a Chelsea Boot which usually is designed with a lower
heel so that I can wear them all day long and multiple days in a row without
having to bandage up my feet afterwards. I’ve done the leg work and narrowed
down the best options in stores right now. Click below to shop!
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5 Transitional Pieces You Need for Fall

Photo by: Adam Katz Sinding via W Magazine | Fall Street Style


A good fall wardrobe starts with the basics. You want to be
able to layer, to mix and match, & to switch things up with ease. You want
pieces that all work together and that you can wear in multiple different ways.
This really is the basis for a good wardrobe any time of year, but it is especially important
for fall because you are constantly layering. I rounded up the top 5
transitional pieces you need for fall below – these will take you from warm to
cool weather with ease!
Hats – If you aren’t a hat person, I get it. I
used to not be a hat person either. I wanted to be a hat person but just felt
like it wasn’t working for me. I eventually found my groove and found hats that
worked best for my body head shape. I love using hats to transition your
wardrobe to fall! They can add texture and warmth to your outfit depending on
the color and material. For fall I would go for a felt fedora in neutral colors
like gray, taupe, and burgundy. Oh, and of course olive or that military green
color that was huge last season. All of these colors bring WARMTH to the outfit
and just really give off a good fall vibe. Shop my favorites here:

Booties – This is a no-brainer, right?! I mean
when aren’t booties a good idea? I
personally wear them all year round but I love kicking off fall with a great
new pair of booties. Especially in taupe. I am obsessed with taupe booties
right now which says a lot because usually I am a black and white kind of gal.
I think that taupe is an awesome shade to ease into fall with because it looks
great with denim and you can also pair it with black without giving off that
dark brown and black combo that makes some of us shudder a bit. And again, it
brings that warmth factor to the table. Shop my favorites here:

Jackets – I have a serious passion for a good denim jacket. I own probably 3 or
4 and that is after getting rid of a couple. I think having a good denim jacket
is essential to any good wardrobe and for the fall season it allows you to keep
wearing those cute summer dresses a little longer. Throw your denim jacket over
a chic little dress add those taupe booties and hat and you are good to go! Check
out my favorites here:

Long Cardigans
– Having a good quality cardigan at your fingertips is always a plus. I have
been wearing the same one for an embarrassing amount of time and this year I am
finally investing in some new ones. I am obsessed with this Acne Studios one from last season
but in trying to keep myself on somewhat of a budget, I have found these other
ones that give you the same look without breaking the bank:

Velvet anything – And last but not least, I say
what better way to step into fall then by adding a little velvet to your
wardrobe?! This is a material that is really hard to wear in those hotter
months but makes such a statement for fall! I have always been a huge fan of
velvet and I am thrilled to pieces that it is having a moment this fall! Step
your fall game up with these velvet pieces:

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