Blogging Tips with a Side of Faux Fur

Wow guys, I can’t believe it’s almost 2018. I pretty much blinked and this year flew by. It’s been a pretty amazing year both personally and professionally blog-wise. It hasn’t been easy this year being a new mama and trying to grow my blog so I thought it would be fun to share with you guys a little “behind the scenes” and a few blogging tips I’ve picked up along the way. What does it take to get a blog post up? Keep reading if you want to find out….

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Favorite Winter Staples

  Suede over the knee boots

Apple pie for breakfast…all time high, or all time low? I’m gonna go with all time high to make myself feel better, haha! Still in my sweats and my baby boy just went down for a nap so I wanted to hop online to get this post up for you guys.

This sweater is almost sold out but they have few sizes left here and this one is super similar and really cute too! Also, I wanted to tell you guys about my pant-like-leggings I am wearing! So, this is my 2nd pair of these pants and I literally wear them multiple times a week. When I go to the office I typically pair them with a pair of flats and a cute blouse. And they are the perfect pants to layer under over-the-knee boots. But trust me – this is NOT a sponsored post I just love these pants a ton and wanted to share the love with you guys. They are super thick and suck you in like non-other. You can get them here and looks like they are offering 40% off today! Woo hoo!

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How to Wear Velvet This Season

How to wear velvetThe velvet trend this season is real you guys. Velvet has been one of my favorite fabrics for years now so you can only imagine my happiness right now. One quick walk through Nordstrom and you will see velvet popping up everywhere! I noticed velvet making it’s way into every department – from booties, to dresses, to top & pants, even jumpsuits (perfect NYE idea BTW).

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Cozy Winter Layers

Cozy Winter LayersI am kind of LIVING for this cooler weather we have been having lately. After that crazy heat wave a few weeks back it is so nice to be able to bundle up before heading out for our nightly walk.

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Best Statement Jackets Under $100

What to wear with over-the-knee boots

Statement jackets are to fall like a good pair of sunglasses are to summer. WAIT – Who am I kidding? A good pair of sunglasses are kind of necessary year-round. No? I just love a good statement coat though. That and boots are my favorite things to buy for fall. Here is San Diego I can get by with a coat that is not made to withstand the polar vortex so we can have a little bit of fun with it. I am sure all of you southern California babes can relate though – it does get pretty chilly here in the winter months. More than most people might expect. I remember when I first moved to San Diego I seriously thought I wouldn’t need a coat or a jacket all year. I just thought California was always hot. Newsflash – I was wrong!

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Fall Feels

Free People Oversized Sweater

All you other SoCal gals can totally relate when I say I am ready for some real fall weather, no?! I don’t need snow and ice but a nice cool breeze would be nice every once in awhile. Today it hit 100 degrees where I live at! What the…. yeah, no clue what’s going on there haha! I wore this sweater over the weekend, we left the house after the sun went down and we were lucky enough to get a nice cool little fall breeze coming through. Felt so amazing! I wanted to pair the sweater with this leather mini I’ve had in my closet for awhile now to create a sort of monochromatic look. I got this one at Reformation a few years back in NYC but this one is super similar and comes in tons of different colors.

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