Are Fashion Rules Really a Thing?

Fashion Rules Are Meant to Be BrokenClearly I don’t follow the ‘fashion rule’ of not wearing white after Labor Day. I mean, I feel like that rule (and all fashion rules, really) are kind of meant to be broken, no? I’ve had this conversation with a friend recently and I feel that if you genuinely like something and feel good in it, then rock it. People may look at me and wonder what the heck I am wearing sometimes but I choose to just ignore those people. As long as I feel comfortable & confident then it doesn’t really matter.

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A Case for the [custom] Trench Coat

Cute trench coat for fall

YOU DID NOT WAKE UP TODAY TO BE MEDIOCRE –There is nothing better than running out the door (albeit late, cold brew in one hand, Rx bar in the other…) and reaching for your trench coat which was made to custom fit your body and personal preferences. Am I right though?

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Velvet Blush

I hope you are all enjoying your weekend! I love having a couple of days off to re-coop and spend time with my little family. Although I am usually not working in the office at my 9-5 on the weekends,  I usually try to get a few outfits shot for the blog and plan some content out. I am really trying to get my organized with planning my content further out and providing you guys with quality posts…

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Work Life Balance for New Moms

Cute Floral BootiesToday I am talking about something that many of you mamas out there might understand all too well…Mom Guilt. It’s the worst. Something a lot of you might not know about me is that I work full time and my husband is a stay at home Dad. I actually love our arrangement most days, but then some days I find myself feeling guilty for working and not being at home with my babe. I start to ask myself questions like, ‘shouldn’t I be home with him? I am his mom after all…’ But my husband is such an AMAZING Dad he makes me feel so good about going to work and is always reassuring me that I am providing for the family right now and that is okay.

Anyhow, I wanted to share a few tips of how I have been dealing with the work-life balance and being a working mom. I would also love to hear from all of you with any tips you have for managing being a (new-ish) mom and working and still trying to have a life but not feeling guilty about it!

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Fall Edit | New Season Shoes

I’ve always been a huge shoe lover. I feel like it can take your outfit to the next level, and in some cases it can really make or break the outfit. This Fall there are SO many fun options in the shoe department. It’s all about making a statement with the booties this fall, from metallic to floral print the options seem endless. I just spent forever rounding up some of the best fall bootie options for you. You can click on the images in the collage above to shop one of the booties pictured or shop below by category!

Styling tip:

The kitten heel pointy toes look best when paired with a feminine skirt or distressed straight leg (a little wider than skinny) jeans. PS I saw THE Rebecca Minkoff rocking these from her line during NYFW! She paired them with a cute little black dress and it looked so adorable! And yes I was just a tad starstruck, hehe!

Statement Making:

Season Staples:

Designer Edit:


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Spring Trend Report // ‘Seeing Red’

I LOVE a good red accessory! I am weird though (aren’t we all!?) because I RARELY will actually wear red clothing. I can’t even think of a red shirt that I own…they are that scarce in my closet! Not sure why because aren’t blondes supposed to look good in red?! Oh, I do have a cute little jumper from Zara that is red 😉

Anywho… I love red accessories and love that this orange-y red color is one of the major colors I am seeing everywhere this spring! I’ve compiled some of my FAVS out there right now…That JW Anderson bag (OMG!) and those perfect flats are both seriously on my list right now! Click the images above to shop or scroll through below!


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