Holiday Party Outfit Tips

Holiday Party Outfit Idea

If you’re like me, finding the perfect holiday party outfit can go one of two ways. You either walk out the door feeling cool, calm, and collected – or you are running out the door while still putting in your sparkly earrings and slipping on your strappy pearl heels. Can you guess which category I usually fall into? Ha! I am not the most organized person but I have found that when I actually take time to plan what I am going to wear getting ready for the evening it is a much smoother process. And take it from me, it’s much for fun to get ready when you have a few of the details planned out. That way you can take your time, sip some rosé, and get into party mode.

A few questions to ask yourself when getting ready this holiday season:

  • Is this an outdoor or indoor party? (i.e. Is it going to be held outside where you might be freezing or is it going to be inside where it will be pretty hot from all the body heat?)
  • Do they have a coat check? It’s nice to know this ahead of time so you can opt to either not wear a coat, or leave yours in the car if not.
  • Fancy or casual? Do you want to wear a form fitting red little number or pumps and a sparkly top?

The crushed velvet dress I am wearing in these photos is something I actually ordered last year when I was like 8 months pregnant. For some reason I thought it would be cute over my big belly – haha! Needless to say that didn’t work out so I am super excited to be able to wear it this year. Because it is from last year it has already sold out but since velvet is still a big trend this year I was able to find some super similar options that I linked below for you guys!

Here are some other tips to consider while finding your perfect holiday party outfit this year:

  • Jewel tones are great for holiday parties. Look for rich colors like deep blues, burgundies, gold, etc.
  • Embellishments can add a fun flair! If you have a more casual party to attend try pairing cute pumps, jeans, and a cute sweater or a shiny top for a casual yet festive look.
  • You don’t have to buy something new. Check your closet first for any luxe fabrics like velvets, silks or satins, or anything with embellishments or sparkles on it. All of these would be perfect for holiday parties. You can even add a fun pair of rhinestone tights to a LBD that you already own for a fun and cheap holiday party outfit.

And when all else fails – my go to look for holiday parties would be a slip dress (like what I am wearing) paired with cute heels and a leather jacket. It’s hard to go wrong with this combo and you can find slip dresses in all kinds of fabrics, cuts, and lengths too! Also you can layer your slip dress over a cute tee if it is a little more chilly where you live!

PS – How amazing are these Alexis Bittar jewelry pieces I am wearing in these photos? I am wearing their snowflake cuff, orbit cuff, and front hoop earrings – all perfect pieces to top off a holiday outfit.

What’s your guys’ go-to outfit for holiday parties? Please share!

Holiday Party Outfit Idea Holiday Party Outfit Idea Holiday Party Outfit Idea Holiday Party Outfit IdeaHoliday Party Outfit Idea

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