DockATot + The Ollie World Swaddle = Best Combo EVER!


Becomming a new mama definitely comes with it’s challenges, and “sleeping through the night” is definitely one of them. I can’t tell you how many people ask, “Is he sleeping through the night yet?!” or “my babies were all sleeping through the night at 3 weeks old”. And to answer the first question, no, he isn’t thank you very much…BUT I would like to think we are on our way! My little guy is 2.5 months old now and he sleeps usually for 4-6 hours and then will go back down for a couple more hours before getting up for the day. I get pretty excited when I get to sleep anywhere from 4-6 hours myself!  In the mornings I always move him into the bed with me from his bassinet. Now, I was always that person who said I would NOT be sharing my bed with my infant. One – it’s dangerous and two – I need my sleep. Well, these days that IS how we get a better stretch of sleep in the morning and I’ve found that by using the DockATot we have a safe alternative. I feel so much better when my little guy has his own designated space next to me on the bed. This way if he rolls over, I know he is safe. And not to mention I can’t roll over onto him. I love that the DockATot can work as a co-sleeper or just somewhere to lounge in while hanging out in my room (one of his favorite activities is talking to the ceiling fan so this works out great).
The other thing that I have found is essential to a good nights sleep is swaddling my little one. Without it he is up within a couple or hours, and with the swaddle we get our 4-6 hour stretch in. We’ve been using this swaddle by The Ollie World and I seriously wish I had this when he was a newborn! My husband and I would swaddle and re-swaddle to try to ensure he wouldn’t bust out of it at night. And not to mention half the time he would wake up mid swaddle not having it. With this swaddle I just lay him down and pull the right side over his body and then the left to connect the velcro. I don’t have to roll him over to get it good and tucked in underneath him or anything! I also love that I don’t have to unswaddle for diaper changes because the bottom is just fastened with a little rubber band – genius!
Our sleep is FAR from perfect but I’ve honestly loved having my little guy close to me while he sleeps and the fact that he is sleeping comfortably makes me one happy mama. For the past two nights I have started him off in the bed instead of his bassinet and he did great! The first night he slept for a 6 hour stretch and the 2nd night he slept for 5! I can see the light!! 😀

Dock2 Dock3 Dock4

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